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Dalhousie Medical Student Society Supports Hawthorne House

Medical students at Dalhousie University give back to the community in many ways throughout their school year and one of their biggest annual events is the Dalhousie Medical Student Society Charity Auction. This year HomeBridge was chosen to be the recipient of funds raised during this event to support the Hawthorne House Renovation Project.

The event took months of planning and soliciting of donations on the part of the students, but was a huge success when everyone showed up to bid on both silent auction items and participate in the live auction itself. The event resulted in a very generous donation of $7,350 being presented to our organization that will help greatly in our plans to renovate our oldest facility.

Hawthorne House is home to six young men between 14 and 16 years of age who currently share four bedrooms and one full bath in a home that is well over 100 years old. With the help of generous donors like the Dalhousie Medical Student Society our renovation plans, which include providing each youth with their own bedroom, will soon be possible.