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"Music is my favorite part of the week. I didn't think I could play anything and now I can play a few songs on the guitar and I even sang in front of people. I never thought I would do that." Female HomeBridge Resident

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Telus and the Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage Support the Expressions Program of the Arts

The Expressions Program of the Arts 2010-2011 theme of Mind, Body and Soul is in full swing and two new supporters have joined the list of generous donors who fund the program.

Telus and the Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage can now proudly say that they are helping to ensure that at-risk youth throughout the HomeBridge Community have the opportunity to experience Art Classes, Music Therapy, Tai Chi, Circus Circle and Flying Yoga.

This multi-component life skills program utilizes the arts to facilitate resiliency and success in at-risk youth. Since the development of this program in 2004, over 750 youth have had the opportunity to develop a greater respect for themselves and others, experience success and obtain life skills necessary to increase their resilience; thereby, decreasing factors that place them at risk for substance use, early school drop out, chronic unemployment, youth homelessness and delinquent behaviour.