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Holidays of Hope

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HomeBridge’s 7th Annual Holidays of Hope Campaign has wrapped up for another year with great success.  Thanks to many generous supporters, who made either monetary donations or those of stockings and presents, all youth living in the HomeBridge Community woke up to find something special under their tree on Christmas morning.

Due to circumstances beyond their control, many youth cannot go home for Christmas or other annual celebrations, or even have the opportunity to visit family members and friends.  During these holidays that traditionally bring family together, it can be a time of great sadness and disappointment for the youth living in residential care facilities, but our donors have helped to make the season a little easier.

Not only were there presents under the tree on Christmas morning, but the monetary donations also made it possible for the young people to have special dinners and outings over the holidays. These outing are often a nice way to distract the young people from the season and provide them with a fun break from the realities that they face.

The community support for this effort has been nothing short of incredible. This year’s campaign brought in over $6,000 in monetary donations and countless stockings and gifts.  This support really makes a huge difference to the young people served in the HomeBridge Community. It makes it possible for us to celebrate holidays throughout the year and create a little normalcy in the lives of the youth.

Thank you for your generosity and for making a difference in the lives of at-risk youth