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HomeBridge Youth Society

  • Non-profit, charitable organization founded in 1977.

  • Responded to a need identified by child welfare workers for a facility to serve youth that foster homes were not appropriate for and for whom community-based residential services did not exist.

  • Funded by the Department of Community Services.

  • Operates six facilities in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

  • Serves youth, male and female, between the ages of 12 and 18 years old who cannot live at home for various reasons.

  • Governed by a 14 member Board of Directors comprised of volunteer community professionals, following a policy model of governance.

  • Operates with a multi-disciplinary approach to residential youth care.

A Controller (Business Manager) oversees all expenditures and revenues. The controller works with supervisors, the executive director and office manager to ensure financial best practice is in place.

The Executive Director is responsible directly to the board of directors, and manages all HomeBridge Youth Society’s operations on a daily basis.