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About Us: Mandate

Donate NowUsing a multi-disciplinary approach to youth care within a series of residential settings, youth and families experience stabilization, emergency placement and longer term interventions.

HomeBridge Youth Society provides Residential Youth Care for male and female youth who are in the temporary or permanent care of the Department of Community Services. Most youth are dealing with disruptive behavior and emotional issues.

Many of the young people are involved with running, self-harm, verbal aggression, physical aggression, young offender charges pending or in place, sex trade involvement, drug use, and/or family neglect as defined in Section 22(2) of the Family and Children’s Services Act.

The facilities operated by HomeBridge Youth Society each have mandates further defining the client profile specifically served by that facility. These mandates are followed as closely as possible, while striving to serve the needs of the youth presented to the Central Region as needing residential care.